Why You Shouldn’t Rush Your Epoxy Floor Application

Are you interested in refinishing your garage floor with epoxy this spring? This is an ideal way to increase the value of your home, while elevating the look of this highly-trafficked space. However, like all good things, epoxy takes time. Time to mix, time to apply and time to set. If the application process is rushed at any stage, it can have unfortunate or even disastrous results for your floor. In this article, our team of epoxy flooring contractors will go over why the initial concrete preparation stage is crucial to the project, as well as why the 2-day application process is superior to the 1-day. 

Your Epoxy Adhesion is Only as Good as Your Prepared Concrete Floor

Proper concrete preparation is key to an epoxy floor that is smooth and seamless. The concrete floor that you want the epoxy applied to has to be pristine, which means free from any imperfections like cracks or pits. The concrete floor also has to be level. Before you apply epoxy, it is imperative that your contractor takes the time to properly prep your concrete floor, creating the strongest and smoothest surface for adhesion. 

Our team once had to repair an adhesion failure for a new client because their garage didn’t have enough time to settle and cracked around the lally columns. In order to fix it, the team has to sand all the way down to the cement, creating an 18 in. perimeter around the crack, and then grind the concrete. Next, we had to scour our inventory to find the epoxy and flake finish to best  match their existing floor. This was especially tricky because this job had been done awhile back by a different contractor. While epoxy floor repair is always possible, it’s better to do the job right the first time by ensuring an optimal concrete base for the epoxy solution to absorb and settle onto. Doing the epoxy application right from the get-go also saves you money in the long run on costly repairs.  

Two day epoxy floor process over a one day process

While technically your epoxy floor can be installed in one day, we highly recommend the 2-day installation. Why? Inevitably, the concrete preparation we’ve been talking so much about takes at least half the day or more. It all depends on what kind of shape your concrete floor is in. In order to prep and apply epoxy in a single day, the crew has to hang around well until the late evening to get it all done. Which is usually inconvenient for a lot of families with children who have early bedtimes. On top of this, the 2-day process gives each application layer more time to set properly. The 2-day process even allows enough time to apply a primer before we add the first epoxy coat, as well as an extra durable polyaspartic topcoat to seal it all in. 

The primer and topcoat are “optional” steps that other companies tend to skip, but it is the key to our signature “diamond-epoxy” finish that lasts for years to come. 

2-Day Epoxy Floor Installations in New Jersey

Our professionally installed epoxy floors offer protection from daily wear and tear, like vehicles traveling in and out of the garage, oil spills and heavy tools dropping unexpectedly. Not only are they industrial-grade durable, they can be customized with color, flakes and glitter to satisfy everyone’s interior design tastes. Whether you need an epoxy floor for your home or commercial business, our team of contractors can ensure a seamless epoxy floor installation – the first time around.  

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