Why You Shouldn’t Paint your Floors with Epoxy

Epoxy is a popular flooring solution for any concrete space that needs a tough, durable, and water-resistant floor, from basements and garages to workshops and warehouses. Like many popular products, there are a few misconceptions out there about epoxy, mostly due to the range of somewhat related products that differ in terms of their cost, performance, and application. Here’s some insight into the differences in epoxy painting vs. epoxy coating so that you know what your concrete floors need, from specialists in professional epoxy floor installation in NJ.

What is Epoxy Paint?

Epoxy is a type of polymer that is made by mixing epoxy resin with a hardener. Together, they make that very strong, durable, and slightly elastic flooring that resists chipping, cracking, and moisture. It can be dyed to different colors and textured finishes, but it isn’t a paint product at all. Epoxy paint differs, because it is a paint product that contains a small amount of epoxy resin in it. This makes the paint more elastic and durable against cracking and chipping, but it’s not nearly as strong as a proper epoxy coating which is actually chemically bonded to the concrete. The resins used in a professional epoxy coating are stronger and more durable, and actually can be laid in a wider variety of colors and textures than a painted floor too.

Epoxy Painting vs. Epoxy Coating on Floors

If you use epoxy paint on your basement or garage floor, it should last longer than other paint types. However, it will still wear off and damage easily in these higher traffic, heavy-duty areas. In fact, we wouldn’t even recommend it for flooring in laundry rooms or kitchens because of this. It is simply too thin and delicate to give lasting results. Dropping a wrench, driving your vehicle over it, or even experiencing extreme temperatures will cause it to wear off and crack within a couple of months. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad product! It’s great on internal walls, especially in bathrooms and high-moisture areas, as it’s both moisture resistant and mold resistant. It’s just not going to deliver the results you want and need from a flooring product.

Epoxy coating is by far the superior product when it comes to protective, durable flooring. That’s because it is a pure formula of epoxy resin and hardener, creating a dense penetrative coating that is guaranteed to last for years to come. When epoxy flooring is professionally installed, contractors will also repair your concrete subfloor, level it out, and create a smooth and sturdy surface that can withstand the heaviest traffic you can throw at it. If you drop something heavy, not only will the floor remain undamaged but it’s more likely not to damage the item you drop. The coating is hard-wearing but elastic, standing up well to fatigue from very cold and hot temperatures, and protecting the subflooring from moisture damage, expansion and contraction damage, and structural issues.

Your Floor Deserves the Best – Professional Epoxy Floor Installation in NJ

Your property is a space you use every day, as well as one of your biggest investments. You deserve to make the most use of this space, and that means using a superior product that lasts a lifetime. Our epoxy floor solutions are of the highest quality on the market, using a mix of premium resin and hardener to achieve a flawless result. Not only will our team quickly and neatly install your epoxy floor in 1 to 2 days, but we’ll also repair and level your subfloor for optimal structural safety and durability. 

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