Why Epoxy Flake Floors are Worth the Cost

Upgrading your garage floor is not the flashiest home renovation you can do – but it is one of the most functional. Your garage floor must work hard every day and last a lifetime, but many homeowners hesitate to spend on this essential property improvement. When getting quotes, epoxy floor costs may seem high at first glance; however, the cost of an epoxy floor is very affordable when you consider the benefits that make this a worthwhile investment.


Hard-Wearing, Safe and Durable

Epoxy floors are exceptionally strong and durable, which is why they are the concrete flooring of choice for both industrial and residential applications. They perform well whatever you’re putting them through, standing up to the weight of your truck, moving heavy equipment around your basement, and resisting the heavy impact of dropped tools. They also can be anti-slip, making them safe to walk and drive on, even in wet conditions.

Weather and Stain Resistant

They are also tough enough to be resistant to chemical and oil stains that are common in garages and commercial locations, keeping your floor hygienic, safe, and looking clean over many years. Epoxy floors are moisture-resistant, so they aren’t affected by snow, mud and rain tracked into your garage or basement. If you want to protect your garage floor from spalling, cracks, wear and surface damage, epoxy flooring is the best quality option.

Easy to Maintain

Once it’s installed and cured, an epoxy floor needs minimal maintenance. It lasts a very long time – in fact may be the only floor coating you ever have to do.  Simply washing down your floor with soap and warm water and then squeegeeing it off from time to time will keep it looking as good as new.

Attractive for Any Home Design

If you’ve never thought of your garage or basement floor as having design potential, now’s the time to change your mind. Epoxy flooring allows decorative flakes to transform your garage into a great-looking space that suits your home, interior design and taste. From neutrals to glitter, natural wood, metallic elements, and natural stone flakes, it’s easy to find a look that adds character – and value – to your home.


Professional Results by Epoxy Floor Contractors in NJ

Installing an epoxy floor shouldn’t be done by someone who isn’t an experienced professional. This is because it can be a messy and challenging job if you aren’t familiar with the product. Not to mention, there’s no warranty when you use DIY solutions. When looking at epoxy floor costs, be sure to take into account the fact that you get a warranty, from an experienced team, a customized epoxy product suited to your home, and a fast and neat installation in just 1-2 days.

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