What to Consider When Resurfacing Your Concrete Floor

Concrete is an incredibly durable product, but there is some maintenance involved after installing concrete floors. Over time, they do require some extra attention when they become cracked or damaged. If you’re considering resurfacing your concrete floor, our experts at Diamond Garage Solutions in NJ have put together a list of what you need to know.

  • Know your concrete resurfacing options
    Depending on the location and use of your floor, you have several resurfacing options available. This includes:

  • Stamped concrete – Here, a texture or design is imprinted onto the final layer of concrete using a stamping process. This can create a complex design, make the floor look like it’s tiled, or give it extra grip and texture.
  • Smoothed or polished concrete – This has become quite a desirable option in recent years and is used inside homes, as well as on indoor car lots. After repairing the concrete and resurfacing it, a smoothing tool is worked over the surface to give it a slick, polished finish.
  • Micro Toppings – This is a technique where you add stone into the final layer of concrete for a decorative or highly textured finish. This can also be done before polishing the floor, adding visual interest and color to the finished product.
  • Epoxy coating – Epoxy coatings are incredibly durable and low maintenance, making them perfect for industrial spaces, garages, basements, and more. The epoxy is slightly flexible, protecting the concrete below, accommodating temperature changes, and ensuring the coating doesn’t crack or split. It is also waterproof, chemical resistant, and stain resistant, and they can be color-tinted and decorated with epoxy flakes to suit your style.

  • Understand how concrete resurfacing works
    The resurfacing process is a very important one where the structure of the floor is repaired and treated to fix any issues that compromise its strength and durability, including moisture ingress, wear-and-tear, subsidence, and cracks. A professional team is needed to first clean the floor with industrial scrubbers and detergent, make the repairs using a bonding agent, and then level the floor to make it uniform. After this process is complete, the team can then apply your chosen finish.

  • Know the costs of concrete resurfacing
    This is a job where you need trained professionals, so there are costs involved. However, this work is essential to making the floor stable, structurally sound, and keeping it in great condition for many years to come. The good news is that concrete resurfacing is a high-value service that is cost-effective, especially in the long-term. Usually, the cost of service ranges from $0.75 to $13 per square foot, depending on how much work needs to be done and the finish you choose.


Professional concrete refinishing and self-leveling concrete floors in NJ

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