What to Consider When Picking a Color for Your Epoxy Floor

One of the best things about epoxy flooring is how it can be customized. There is a great variety of colors and visual textures you can apply easily during the installation process! So, you can really think about how the space is going to be used and the type of feel you want it to have. If you’re looking for some help in making this decision, here’s how to choose the right epoxy floor color for your space, from the Diamond Garage installers in the tristate area.

What’s your interior design goal for the space?

Start by looking at your space and figuring out how you want to use it. Because epoxy flooring lasts a lifetime, this is a very important consideration. For example, inside your home you may want a neutral finish because it’s the most versatile and better for resale. A gray, terracotta, or beige finish can go with any interior design, from traditional to modern industrial, and no matter how you change your décor colors, it will match in perfectly. In a business, you may want something that pops like a bold red, deep navy blue, or hunter green that aligns with your logo and brand colors.

How are you going to use your space?

Another important element is the function of your space. In workshops or garages, you may want something that hides dust well or where stains from chemicals or oil won’t show up over the lifetime of the floor. Good colors here would be jet black, dark gray or brown. You could even use a mixed finish with epoxy floor flakes of white, brown, gray and black. In this way spills just look like more flaking! In a basement, you may want to have a little more fun if you are using the space for entertaining or for your kids, so a mixed finish of blues, reds, yellows, or metallics can really liven up the space and give it a lot of character.

What tone do you prefer?

Think about the overall atmosphere you want to create, whether it’s in your home, in a work area, or in an office space. Color psychology shows that the colors and tones you choose have a very real impact on how a space feels to everyone in it. For example, if the floor is in a bathroom or spa area, greens and blues provide a sense of calm and relaxation, so we’d recommend a gentle seafoam green, sage green, French blue or slate blue. If it’s a child’s play area, colors like yellows and brighter greens promote creativity, so spring greens and sunshine yellows are a great option.

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With such a wide range of epoxy floor finishes and colors available to you, it’s a good idea to get experienced professionals to help you choose the one that’s best for the job.

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