What Kind Of Epoxy Finish Is Best For Your Commercial Space?

Commercial epoxy flooring is a different animal than residential epoxy flooring. Especially if the commercial floor in question is utilized for industrial purposes. In general, an epoxy finish for a commercial space needs to be more durable than one used for a home because most likely there will be more foot traffic, vehicle traffic and heavy equipment moving across the floor. However, the epoxy floor finish you need is all dependent on the nature of your business. In this article, our team of NJ epoxy flooring installers will discuss different types of commercial spaces and which epoxy finish would suit them best. 

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

  • Type of Epoxy Finish: Epoxy flake flooring 
  • WHY: The floor of a restaurant or commercial kitchen needs to look great and have durability as it is a highly trafficked area. With patrons and chefs traveling in and out, and cooking utensils and plates being dropped from time to time, you need a floor that is resistant to impact. Epoxy flake floors are the recommended choice for this commercial space because the 2-3 day curing process ensures long-lasting durability and the floor can be customized with different colors and decorative flakes so it matches the aesthetic of the restaurant. 

Car or Furniture Showrooms

  • Type of Epoxy Finish: Epoxy terrazzo or epoxy flake flooring
  • WHY: Either an epoxy terrazzo or an epoxy flake floor will work great in car or furniture showrooms. With both options, you can create a custom look that is high class with decorative flake colors, quartz pieces, marble pieces and glass pieces. Each option also provides a smooth and level finish, ideal for people walking in and out of the space. However, something to keep in mind is that epoxy terrazzo cures faster but is not recommended for outdoor conditions like excessive exposure to UV rays or moisture. 

Scientific Data Centers and Labs

  • Type of Epoxy Finish: Anti-static epoxy finish
  • WHY: Epoxy floors can generate static electricity easily when people move across them frequently. It’s not a big deal for most commercial spaces, but it is a big deal for sectors that house sensitive electronic equipment, computers or flammable materials. This is because static can easily destroy electronic circuitry that is crucial for spaces like data centers and labs to operate efficiently. 


  • Type of Epoxy Finish: Anti-slip epoxy finish
  • WHY: Warehouses are industrial spaces that often have heavy machinery like forklifts and 18 wheelers constantly moving across the floor. Which means you need a floor that is highly resistant to impact and provides a great deal of traction for tires. Epoxy flooring can be made even stronger when an anti-slip finish is applied. By adding quartz sand to the epoxy coating, your floor will have a gritty texture that provides an extra layer of grip, perfect for indoor and outdoor industrial environments. 


  • Type of Epoxy Finish: Anti-static epoxy finish
  • WHY: Similar to data centers and labs, hospitals also house sensitive electronic equipment that can be greatly affected by static electricity. Except it is even more pertinent for hospitals to have an anti-static finish as their machinery is responsible for saving lives! 


  • Type of Epoxy Finish: Outdoor entrance: Epoxy flake flooring / Indoor: Epoxy terrazzo flooring
  • WHY: As we mentioned before, epoxy terrazzo is not recommended outdoors, but it can be a very great option for an indoor hotel lobby as you can add stunning pieces of marble, glass and granite to the finish for a luxurious and expensive look. Epoxy flake flooring is a better option for the outdoor entrance to the hotel because it can still be customized with decorative flakes or quartz to achieve a beautiful finish, and it will be better equipped for outdoor weather conditions and vehicle traffic. 

Industrial Grade Epoxy Flooring for Every Business 

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