Concrete Surface Preparation Experts in NJ: Concrete Floor Self Leveling, Preparation & Repairs

Before an epoxy floor installation can begin, the concrete floor in question must be pristine (and we’re not just talking about how clean the floor is). Your residential floor must be free of any cracks and almost completely level already.

If you’re looking to try your hand in DIY… this is almost certainly not the project to start with.

Self leveling your floor requires plenty of time, patience, messy concrete work, very fast application, clean-up and industrial tools that you likely do not have at home. We highly recommend leaving this labor-intensive work to professionals who level concrete floors every day. Especially if you are concerned about the extent of concrete floor damage you have, the amount of time it will take to repair, level and clean the floor afterwards, your lower back, and most importantly – staying under budget.

The team at Diamond Garage Solutions has seen our share of damaged and un-level concrete floors and can implement the best process for complete concrete floor restoration. Call us today for a free estimate: 201-633-1700.

Self Leveling Concrete Floors: Commercial and Residential 

Self-leveling is an art. It takes years of experience and precise skill to get the desired result. Once hardened, it can be used as an underlayment for any interior floor covering or epoxy coating you choose. We can even create a beautiful, polished concrete floor. Self-leveling concrete or underlayment is a 4200psi – 10,000psi polymer-modified cement, with a compressive strength similar to traditional concrete. This product and application is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial and retail locations.  

When applied correctly self-leveler has flow characteristics that will level, repair, or raise an existing concrete surface. Self-leveling is a cost-effective way to repair and prep concrete floors and offers many benefits:  

  • Levels floors and concrete, creates the flat smooth surface required for most floor coverings 
  • Fast process – hardened and ready within hours 
  • Repairs cracks and areas of spalling and pitting 
  • Flows around radiant heat tubing 
  • Corrects uneven existing slabs 
  • Eliminates tripping hazards 
  • Flattens and smooths out rough floor areas 
  • Eliminates pitched floor and ramp areas 
  • Raises floor to eliminate steps 
  • Can be used as a complete surface skim coat 


Concrete Surface Preparation: Commercial and Residential 

On top of self leveling, DGS can handle all your concrete surface preparation needs. We will get the concrete clean and ready for any new floor you desire, including polished concrete floors, epoxy coatings, micro toppings, tile, carpeting and laminates. Or, just have us seal the concrete and be done with it! The choice is yours, and we’re here to walk you through it if needed. 

Surface preparation includes:

  • Grinding, scraping, and shot blasting
  • Ceramic tile removal
  • Carpet removal
  • Linoleum and vinyl tile removal
  • Adhesive, mastic and glue removal
  • Paint and sealant removal
  • Previous epoxy coating removal


Concrete Floor Repairs: Commercial and Residential 

The key to finished floor longevity is proper repair and preparation work. Diamond Garage Solutions will get the concrete slab patched, smooth, flat and clean, so any new floor covering will lay beautifully on top.

DGS can repair:

  • Cracks
  • Pitting and spalling
  • Decaying surface areas
  • Holes
  • Old patch and repair work


Reasons to Choose a Self Leveling Concrete Floor Expert 

Self-leveling concrete is a mixture that is very similar to concrete, except it flows easier and can be mixed much faster than concrete. While there are benefits to applying self leveling concrete products yourself, the quality of the product, as well as experience knowing how to properly use it must be taken into account. Not to mention that mixing potentially dozens of  individual bags of concrete is back-breaking work. Here are a few of the major reasons to trust your concrete floor leveling project in the hands of an expert.

Self-Leveling Concrete Floor Products
A Typical DIY Job. Note the streaks and cracks where the concrete dried unevenly.
  1. Drying time is insanely quick. Which means a skilled hand needs to apply the product both quickly and correctly before it dries. Depending on the type of self leveling concrete and the conditions of your home, you can have only 20 minutes to mix, pour, and finish your floor.
  2. Self leveling concrete products cannot reinforce the underlayer of the floor it is applied to. The self leveling concrete can loosen if anything goes wrong with the subfloor, which can result in damage and imperfections to the epoxy coating that is installed on top of it. That’s why it’s important to have a professional evaluate the condition of your concrete floors and recommend the best process to move forward. 
  3. Self leveling concrete products can stick to tools and other surfaces. After applying self leveling concrete products, all the tools involved need to be cleaned immediately. This is to ensure they are free of stains and do not stick to other nearby surfaces like walls or stairs. 
  4. Can cost more money in the long run. Although it may seem cheaper at first to buy self leveling concrete products and DIY, this is really dependent upon how successful you are at each stage of the application process. As mentioned before, the dry time is extremely quick. If you just got past the mixing stage and the product dried before you got the chance to apply it, guess what? That’s another trip to the store to buy more product. Or worse, maybe the product dried in the middle of applying it to your concrete floor. Which means you now have to call a professional to clean up the mess and then some. Bottom line, there is a learning curve to self leveling concrete. If you’re not willing to put the hard work in, this type of DIY project may not be for you. 
  5. Doing this work is, well…. Messy! Because we use powerful commercial machines to grind and coat your concrete, as well as sticky and gooey polyaspartic products, honestly, why would you want to deal with this when you can throw a not unreasonable amount of money at the problem?


Call Diamond Garage Solutions today to properly level and repair your concrete floor in NJ: 201-633-1700.

Please note that we want to give credit, where credit is due. There are plenty of people out there who have successfully leveled their own floors with self leveling concrete products. If you have the time and are willing to learn the correct application process, or the area involved is relatively small, this may be a viable option for you. With that in mind, our team of epoxy floor specialists at Diamond Garage Solutions has put together pro tips to application, as well as all the products needed to complete the job. 

Self Leveling Concrete Application: 5 Pro Tips

Products needed: Self leveling concrete product, primer, shop vacuum, broom, mop, silicone caulk, gauge rake, mixing drill, and mixing bucket (at least 6 gallons). Please note: products listed depend on the self leveling concrete product chosen. 

  1. Read and follow product instructions to a T! Do not cut corners or skimp on product throughout any step of the application process. Especially, if this is something that you have never attempted before. If any of the steps are unclear, make sure to contact the customer support number listed on the self leveling concrete product.
  2. Buy more than you may need. It’s imperative to finish the leveling with just one pour. That means you must mix enough self leveling product the first time around. Plus, the product dries extremely quickly, so there’s really no time once it’s mixed to run to the store again.
  3. Do not mix self leveling product during inclement weather conditions. Extreme heat or cold will directly affect the mixture’s drying time. Make sure the weather is at a pretty normal temperature for your area before mixing product.
  4. Have all of your tools and equipment nearby and ready to access. Due to the quick drying time, you may only have 20 minutes to pour and spread the product over your concrete floor. Keep your tools and other equipment needed for this step on standby.
  5. Clean all tools and equipment immediately afterwards. After pouring and spreading, all of your equipment must be cleaned as soon as possible. If you don’t clean the equipment, it can stain and stick to other nearby surfaces. 

Self Leveling Concrete Floors with the Diamond-Epoxy Process

As you can see above, there are many factors that go into self leveling. Many homeowners think they can crack open a 5 gallon drum of magic goo, pour it on their garage floor and it will dry perfectly. In reality, unless the concrete subfloor is already in pristine condition, and the product you use is truly high quality, none of these self-leveling products will stand the test of time. 

The team at Diamond Garage Solutions self-levels concrete floors right with our guaranteed Diamond Epoxy process. The process begins with complete concrete restoration, including surface repair, grinding and preparation. After the concrete subfloor is in perfect condition, we can apply professional grade self-leveling concrete products depending on your situation. We also use special epoxy bonding agents to increase the adhesion of every floor layer. When self leveling is complete, we can install a professional and attractive epoxy coating that will last for as long as you own your home – that’s our guarantee! 

Best part is we do all the hard work, while you are eating bon-bon’s out by the pool!!!

Call Diamond Garage Solutions at: 201-633-1700 to get started on your self leveling concrete flooring project today.


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