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Regardless of which option you prefer, it all starts with the repair and preparation of your concrete floor. For those who want to make sure their final epoxy flooring surface is done right, it is important to select a company that won’t take shortcuts in the preparation of your concrete floor surfaces. These shortcuts may not be immediately obvious, but months or just a few years down the road you will experience the pain of chipped, cracking or peeling floor surfaces, and the added cost of repairs.

Concrete resurfacing and preparation is meticulous, physical, and dusty work, requiring an experienced eye. It is truly one of those jobs that is best left to our experienced epoxy floor installation teams. At Diamond Garage Solutions we would rather not do your job, than be forced to use materials and processes that will compromise the long term beauty of your epoxy floor. That’s how we roll.

Self-Leveling Concrete Floors with Epoxy Sealant

Many homeowners think they can just pour one of the many heavy-duty aftermarket products on their concrete floor and it will “self-level” and dry perfectly. The fact is that unless the underlying concrete is already pristine, not cracked, clean and largely level to begin with, none of these self-leveling products will work right or last more than a couple years.

The team at Diamond Epoxy does self-leveling concrete floors right. It starts will careful concrete repair and surface grinding and preparation. It may require application of professional grade self-leveling concrete products depending on your situation. We use special bonding agents to increase the adhesion of every layer of your floor. Then when everything is perfect, we can apply a commercial self-leveling epoxy solution that will last for as long as you own your home.

That’s the right way to do it, no matter what you may have been led to believe.

How to Repair and Seal a Concrete Floor

The secret of sealing your concrete floor is that there is no secret! (other than careful and thorough preparation..) Diamond Garage Solutions has the right process, the right concrete sealer products, and the right machinery. A good repair and polish will make your concrete floor look as good as it did the day the concrete was originally poured. This is what our processes specify, and our teams are trained to do.

Our concreate sealing and polishing process begins with a careful inspection of your floor which looks for a number of things.

Did You Know

Diamond Garage is committed to performing its work in a way that is safe and environmentally responsible.

Our standard operating procedures include the following:

Doing our part for a more sustainable world.

Once these issues are assessed, a complete picture of the job emerges and custom solution that fits your budget will be provided. In most cases, concrete repair and resurfacing can be completed in one day. If you are doing epoxy floor coatings, then typically we allow for an additional day for it to dry before you move furniture and cars onto the new floor.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Finishes, Colors and Styles

After we’re done with installation, your new commercial floor will not only be beautiful, it will be strong, durable and long lasting!

Call Diamond Garage Solutions today at: 201-633-1700 to get started on your commercial epoxy flooring project. We are happy to work with property owners, general contractors, and management companies throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Reasons to Coat Your Concrete Floor in Epoxy
and Polyaspartic Coatings

One Day Installation

Our most popular epoxy floor coating options allows you to return your items to the garage the same day**. Using our "Diamond Fast" process, we will repair and prepare your concrete slab, and apply the Garage FX Flooring® system which dries in only 4-6 hours. This special epoxy primer fuses deep into the concrete to provide adhesion that is three times stronger than typical epoxy systems.

Crack and Joint Repair

The key to a long-lasting epoxy garage floor is proper preparation and attention to flaws in the original surface. We prepare the concrete by grinding the surface and repair any open cracks, joints or surface imperfections with our Garage FX® epoxy repair product, which was specifically designed for the treatment of concrete cracks.

Maintenance Free Topcoats

Our clear, abrasion-resistant polyasparitic topcoats produce a tough, easy-to-clean surface that does not require labor-intensive upkeep. Garage floors must withstand many hazards, from the impact of rolling heavy items and vehicular traffic, to close contact with a wide range of chemicals. Diamond Garage Solutions uses commercial quality epoxy flooring products that are available only to professional epoxy floor installers. They are aesthetically pleasing and impact, abrasion and chemical resistant.

Easy Cleaning, Less Maintenance

As we’ve said time and time again, proper preparation is key to the longest possible lifespan of your epoxy floor coating. Our preparation process is unmatched because we thoroughly inspect and assess the original space for cracks and other imperfections. Then, we take the time to patch, fill, grind, clean and sometimes level the surface before applying industrial-quality epoxy floor products. After the necessary prep work and installation, Diamond Garage Solutions warranties a long-lasting epoxy floor that is stunning, free of cracks and peeling, and is easy to clean!

Enhance the Value of your Business

Anytime you can make aesthetic improvements to your business, its value will increase. Clients will be impressed with the enhancements made in your commercial space, which will help them feel more inclined to refer new customers your way. With over 100 epoxy flooring finishes to choose from, you have power to turn your commercial floors into something unique and durable, that stands out from the crowd.

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