Repairing an Unsuccessful Epoxy Floor Application

A professional epoxy flooring installation can last decades, even in heavy traffic locations, but if your flooring is peeling, discolored or uneven, it may have been installed incorrectly. We are here to tell you that there are many shortcuts our competitors often take in applying the floor, and these translate into floors that don’t last. They chip easily or peel, or large hunks break right off the concrete underlayment. Good luck getting the guy who originally installed it to come and fix it.

At Diamond Garage Solutions, we do our fair share of epoxy flooring redo’s or rework for both homeowners and business owners. The below information should give you some idea of how this can go. Please call us if you have any questions about issues with your floor, we’re happy to give you the benefit of our experience over the phone, no obligation.

Don’t put off Epoxy floor repairs

Peeling, damaged, and uneven epoxy floors are more than unsightly – they’re a big problem for your home or business that will only get worse in time. The damage will almost always keep progressing, and can become both ugly, and a tripping hazard in your home or place of business. As soon as you notice damage, problems, or wear on your epoxy flooring, you should make a plan for correcting the damage.

Uncover the cause and scope of the Epoxy Floor Breakdown

The first step in the epoxy floor repair process is to work out what the cause of the damage is and how wide ranging. Not every epoxy floor problem requires a complete redo.  Often there are smaller damaged areas to epoxy floors where dropped tools, car tires, spilled chemicals and other abuses have caused your finish to lift or discolor. These localized problems can often be repaired and while the repair may initially appear glossier with a slightly different color finish, it will usually blend in over time.

Other problems can be more severe. These types of floors are incredibly durable, so larger damage is usually the result of  not having applied a primer to the original floor surface, poor surface preparation before installation, or applying a poor-quality epoxy product. 

  • Bubbles – If air is trapped in the concrete slab, it may bubble up over time in a process called outgassing. This is usually the result of the floor not being prepared properly, extreme temperature changes, or an improperly mixed epoxy formula. Pinholes, blisters, and craters can be repaired by reinstalling the epoxy in the affected area. This will involve scraping away the existing epoxy, cleaning the floor and properly preparing it, and recoating it with high quality epoxy.
  • Peeling – Peeling epoxy flooring can be caused by hot tire pickup (where the heat from vehicle tires causes the coating to soften and delaminate), poor installation, or very old age. Again, this can be repaired by scraping away or grinding away the existing epoxy, cleaning the floor and properly preparing it, and recoating it with a high-quality epoxy.
  • Discoloration – Discoloration or fading is usually due to very old epoxy, poorly installed epoxy, chemical spills, or use of a low-quality epoxy product. It can also be caused by high exposure to UV rays or the product reaching the end of its lifespan. Minor discoloration can be fixed using a tinted sealer that can be applied over the entire floor or in sections. However, if the discoloration is combined with peeling or bubbling, the epoxy will need to be removed and reinstalled. Diamond Garage’s team uses exclusively commercial grade epoxy’s materials for exactly this reason. Its not the cheapest product out there or the easiest to apply, but for looks and durability you can’t beat what we use.

When is the right time to replace epoxy flooring?

Because epoxy floor failures can be progressive, it’s better to fix up your epoxy flooring as soon as possible – and to get professionals in to do it. This is especially important in industrial and commercial facilities where damaged flooring can be a safety issue. 

Diamond Garage Solutions specialize in epoxy floor installation in NJ and offer over 20 years of combined industry experience with a superior-quality product. Our projects include small scale residential and large-scale commercial and industrial grade epoxy floor solutions, and we work throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  You can find out more about the benefits of a professionally installed epoxy floor by visiting our website at