Epoxy your basement floor

No, It’s Not too Cold to Epoxy your Basement Floor

In the dead of winter, the concrete slab in an unheated garage is not ideal for a good epoxy sealing process. Temperature affects the flowing and drying process of epoxy material and it will not bond well to a slab that is too cold. However, the same does not apply to basement floors during the winter whatsoever. In this article, our team of experts will go over the environmental factors that affect epoxy floor installation and why winter is actually a great time to consider an epoxy basement floor project. 

Environmental Factors and Epoxy Flooring Installation

When you work with high-quality epoxy like we do, the temperature outside will not affect the finished product unless its very cold for a long time.  Generally we can epoxy any surface as long as the ambient air temperature is above 60F while it dries. For this reason, garage floors are prioritized in warmer weather as those spaces are typically unheated. But a basement floor is a different matter. The main factor is how long the epoxy solution will take to fully set. Your new epoxy garage floor needs to be ready as soon as possible because it’s a space that is heavy on foot and vehicle traffic. When it’s warmer out, the epoxy can fully cure in 24 hours vs. 3 full days in below-freezing temperature. Plus, you could park your vehicles elsewhere as the garage floor dries without worrying about snow and other extreme winter conditions. The basement, however, is a whole different ball game. 

Why you should install your basement epoxy flooring this winter

Even though it may take a little longer to set depending on your heating situation, we highly recommend an epoxy basement floor installation in the winter, here’s why:

Less Traffic. Unlike garages, basements usually do not contain your cars and other mobile vehicles. Which means more time can be dedicated to ensuring your epoxy floor project is done right. You also don’t have to worry about parking your cars elsewhere if there is an impending snow storm on the way! 

Low Demand Time of Year. Epoxy flooring installers are busiest in the spring and summer. Winter is a slow period for us, which means your basement flooring project will be first priority, with virtually no wait time.

Basements Stay Warmer. Since basement areas are generally heated, normal drying times apply and we are immune to a large degree, to the outside temperature.

Same Amazing Results. As we mentioned before, we use the same high quality epoxy products for both garage and basement floors. Which means, the end result will not falter in durability or appearance. Even if the solution takes a bit longer to cure in colder weather conditions, you will still have a seamless epoxy floor that wows. Especially, if you take advantage of our wide selection of epoxy colors, flakes and finishes.

Sealing your basement floor in NJ? Call Diamond Garage Solutions

Diamond Garage Solutions in New Jersey installs epoxy coatings that create beautifully sealed, waterproof layers above concrete basement floors. Our professionally installed epoxy floors offer protection from stains, cracks, pits and more. With DGS, you will also gain peace of mind knowing that your epoxy basement floor has a life of structure warranty! Best of all? We have dozens of beautiful epoxy flake colors and finishes to complement your current interior design.

To learn more about our epoxy basement floor installations, please visit our website at: https://diamondgaragesolutions.com/