Myth Busters: The Epoxy Edition

How much do you really know about epoxy flooring? With so much contradictory information out there, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of confusion about this flooring solution! In this article, we’ll go over the most common myths in more detail. It helps to understand and address these issues before hiring a professional to install your epoxy floor – or more importantly – if you plan to take on this project yourself!

#1 – It’s not worth the expense 

It’s true that epoxy flooring is a more expensive choice for your garage, basement, or workshop than just concrete or tile, but that’s only if you don’t consider the benefits. After all, when you use a high-quality product and professional installers, you get a flooring solution that will last a lifetime, that’s maintenance-free, is perfectly even and damage-resistant. Epoxy flooring is also chemical, moisture, and stain resistant too! If you add up the extra expenses that more maintenance-intensive or less durable floors offer, then it’s actually a much better lifetime value.

#2 – You can save money by installing it yourself

Owning a home is expensive and it’s great to polish up your DIY skills and save money by taking on projects yourself. But some projects are better suited to DIY than others. Epoxy flooring is just one of those projects that are best left to professionals. Seriously. That’s because the pros have the skills and equipment to properly repair and prepare your concrete for the epoxy – and that’s the key to getting the perfect floor. They also have access to epoxy flooring products that are miles ahead of the cheap coatings you can get at the hardware store, so your floor will deliver the goods – guaranteed. And finally the application of an epoxy floor is not for the faint of heart.  Once you pour out that material you are on the clock, and if you don’t work correctly and quickly your DIY epoxy flooring tends to end in disasters where you have to call out the pros anyway.

#3 – Epoxy paint works just as well

Paint – even the highest quality product designed for garages and workshops – doesn’t have a fraction of the longevity and performance of epoxy flooring. The epoxy paint vs epoxy coating argument just doesn’t hold any water when you compare the two products. That’s because epoxy is substantially resin-based, making it thicker, stronger, more elastic, and more adhesive than any epoxy paint can ever be. Because of this resin-based formula, epoxy can handle heavy wear and tear from vehicles, workshop equipment, and foot traffic. It’s resistant to chemicals and moisture, the elasticity makes it resistant to damage from dropped tools or heavy furniture, and it’s resistant to cracks from temperature too. It’s also very easy to clean because it doesn’t crack or absorb liquids or trap dust. In fact, most floors that have professionally installed epoxy last 15 years or more before there is any sign of wear.

Epoxy flooring – The best choice for garages and basements in New Jersey!

With the best professional products and an experienced team that goes the extra mile, we install high-quality residential epoxy floorings that you can count on for years to come. In addition to waterproof basement and garage flooring, we also offer expert concrete resurfacing and repair of your floor so that your new epoxy surface lasts a lifetime. 

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