Ideas for Using Epoxy Floor Finishes Inside the Home

Epoxy floor finishes don’t always have to be about your garage floor. Creative customers have chosen epoxy flooring finishes for surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and even playrooms. More and more people are selecting this flooring option in their homes because the finishes have really come a long way in terms of design. Whether you prefer the simplicity of one solid color or something way more intricate, you can’t beat the durability and easy clean-up that comes with a professionally installed epoxy floor. In this article, our team of contractors will go over some new trending applications for residential epoxy floors, and which rooms in your home they will look awesome in! 

Faux Marble Epoxy Floors

For those with expensive taste, but not an expensive budget, a marble finish epoxy floor can be stunning. Unless your last name is Buffet or Gates, you know that a real marble floor is probably not an option for you. To create a faux marble finish, you start with a white epoxy base color and then drop in one or two more accent colors. After adding the accents in, we can move around the colors with a paint roller to design a stunning faux marble effect. This type of look will look great in a kitchen, finished basement or bathroom. 

“Making Waves” with Epoxy

This epoxy floor finish is for the beach lovers. By utilizing different tones of blue, a professional epoxy flooring contractor could create an “under the sea” effect for your floor. Similar to the faux marble application, this floor finish is created by mixing different blues together with a paint roller. If you want to create the glistening effect of the sun shining on the water, we recommend adding in a little bit of glitter as well. Perfect for a kid’s playroom or a nautical themed bathroom.  

Sparkle Epoxy Floors 

For those who feel that everything is better with a little bit of bling, we present sparkle epoxy floors. This finish is one we’ve mastered here at Diamond Garage, and is an easy way to customize your floor. To create sparkle epoxy floors, we just need to add in the decorative floor flakes of your choosing into the epoxy solution before applying to the floor. Whether you’re a fan of the classic silver or gold, or you really want to get crazy with multicolored flakes, there’s a wide variety to choose from. This bold finish is perfect for a glitzy kitchen or a finished basement that doubles as another living room. 

Decorative Epoxy Floors for your NJ Home

Diamond Garage Solutions in New Jersey installs epoxy coatings that create beautifully sealed, waterproof layers above leveled concrete floors in your home. Our professionally installed epoxy floors offer protection from stains, cracks, pits and more. As we mentioned above, epoxy floor design has come a long way. We are confident we can create a uniquely stunning floor design that will complement the existing interior decor in your home. With DGS, there is also peace of mind in knowing that your new epoxy floor has a life of structure warranty – which means many years of enjoyment for you and your family! 

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