How Does Self-Leveling Concrete Work?

A floor that isn’t level creates a host of problems. It’s a safety hazard that will affect how you can use the space (balancing shelving, appliances, etc.) and it’s a trap for excess moisture and dirt. When floors aren’t level, they also tend to wear and crack more easily because the strain on the concrete isn’t carried evenly, causing it to break up over time. So, how do you fix an unlevel floor? One answer is to install a self-leveling concrete floor. Here’s how this product and installation works to solve your concrete flooring headaches, from specialists in concrete floor repair in NJ.

Differences Between Self-Leveling Concrete and Regular Concrete

Let’s start with the product that your contractor will use. Self-leveling concrete is different from regular concrete in that it is a more fluid substance with the consistency of pancake batter. However, this isn’t because there is more water in the mix, as this can affect setting time and the resulting quality of the floor. Instead, it has a high number of polymers, which are glue-like molecules, in the mix. 

This makes self-leveling concrete slightly elastic and fluid, helping it to settle into an even layer with less manipulation. This also helps it bond very strongly together, making it more solid and durable than traditional concrete, so it won’t crack, degrade, or delaminate as easily.

Because it is so dense and delivers such a clean, neat finish when installed professionally, self-leveling concrete is very versatile. Of course, it can be used in parking lots, warehouses, and industrial facilities, but it looks fantastic in homes as a finished floor as well. You can use it in your basement and even tint it with a color that suits your interior design for a low-maintenance, industrial look.

Another great thing about self-leveling concrete is that, although it is more expensive, it is actually more affordable to use in concrete floor repair than regular concrete! This is because traditional concrete floor repair would be more like a floor replacement, which is an extensive, messy, and costly process. With self-leveling concrete, you can apply it to an existing, damaged floor that has been cleaned and prepared. This means you would need less self-leveling concrete and less product means less time spent on the job, helping you save on both product costs and labor costs.

Finish Your Home with Durable, Self-Leveling Concrete

Self-leveling concrete has challenged notions around what can be achieved with concrete. More durable than regular concrete flooring, self-leveling concrete is the ideal zero-maintenance flooring for your home, commercial, or industrial space. When you use our concrete repair and flooring installation team, you get an affordable and professional experience that delivers a structurally sound floor that will last.

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