How do Epoxy Floor Coatings Work?

Let’s get right to it, there is a big difference between DIY epoxy painting and epoxy floor coating. Epoxy paint is only effective for short-term, light-duty applications, not so much for a huge surface area like a floor. While it may look fine at first, it’s an extremely temporary solution when it comes to the longevity of your garage or basement floor. Especially because adhesion failure is almost guaranteed when you choose DIY epoxy paint – instead of opting for a professionally installed epoxy floor coating. You may be wondering though, how does the epoxy coating work, how long does it take to apply and how long will it last? Our team of epoxy floor installers are going to answer these questions and more within this article. 

Concrete Floor Preparation 

Proper floor preparation is a big factor in the equation, especially for our team.  Ensuring your floor is absolutely pristine first will help us better achieve a beautiful, epoxy coated floor that is long-lasting and won’t be damaged easily. Cracks and other imperfections in the concrete cause more issues down the road like excess moisture buildup, abnormal dust accumulation and slip hazards. That’s why it’s crucial to grind, fill, patch and even level the concrete floor. Once you have a proper concrete base, free from imperfections, the epoxy coating process can begin as it is in the best condition for successful adhesion.  

Primer, Base, Flakes and Sealer

Our process is not one and done. What we mean is this: our professional epoxy coating process sets us apart from competitors because it is more than applying one layer of epoxy. Not to mention, we only use high-quality products like Torginol, Natural Polymers Inc. and Ardex for each layer. First, we apply a primer or sealer – this step is technically optional, but we highly recommend it for the longevity of your floor. Especially, if the floor in question is a highly trafficked area in your home. Next, is the application of the pigmented base coat which is the overall color you’d like the floor to be. After that is an optional step to add in decorative epoxy floor flakes for a little more flair. Finally, a durable clear topcoat is applied to seal the deal. Even though there are a few layers to the process, our team can complete your epoxy floor coating in 1-3 days depending on the weather conditions of your space. 

Professional Epoxy Floor Coatings in NJ

Call Diamond Garage Solutions today to get started on your residential or commercial epoxy flooring project in New Jersey. We have worked with many property owners, general contractors and management companies throughout the state to create beautiful, industrial-grade epoxy floors – made to withstand the harshest conditions for years to come.  

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