Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

Best Epoxy Garage Floor Installers in New Jersey

Diamond Garage Solutions installs epoxy floor coatings that create a beautiful sealed, waterproof layer above concrete garage or basement floors – offering protection from stains, cracks, pits and more. Our professionally installed garage floor coatings are durable enough to withstand unpredictable weather, industrial tools, and vehicles of all sizes. Not to mention, we have dozens of beautiful, custom flake colors and finishes to choose from.

Professional epoxy garage floor coatings resist cracks, stains and excess moisture

Garages can be active spaces for families, especially families with young kids. Traveling in and out of the garage with cars, bikes and other vehicles can have anyone worried about slips and falls. Does your garage double as a workshop? If it does, you are probably concerned about the durability and maintenance of your garage floor as well. Nobody wants to look at unsightly cracks and oil stains. Instead, they want a brand new floor that’s easy to clean and long-lasting.

The experts at Diamond Garage Solutions understand how to adjust our epoxy processes to satisfy all of your garage floor finishing needs. No matter what process, color or finish you choose, the result is the same: a custom epoxy garage floor that looks beautiful and resists corroding environmental factors.

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Garage floor refinishing: more reasons to choose Diamond Garage Solutions

In the process of installing an epoxy floor, there is no choice but to deal with the concrete floor that will be underneath it. Included in the price of your epoxy floor, is the careful, meticulous work that goes into repairing cracks, heaving, and leveling your concrete underlayment. This work is part of why our floors last so long, essentially we are creating the perfect surface for bonding our epoxy to. Done correctly, this critical step is part of what prevents the chipping and peeling that can occur after only a few years. The other critical element is the very high grade commercial quality epoxy we use. This kind of epoxy is available only to contractors and uses chemicals that bond to cement more strongly, and dried to a harder finish than anything you can buy in Home Depot.

We’re a good choice for the refinishing of garage floors for a few other reasons too:

Tired of basement moisture? Seal concrete basement floors with our professional epoxy installation

Many of our clients also want to prepare and seal cracks in their concrete basement floors. Often concerns in the basement revolve around moisture. Severe leakage and heaving issues may require you to have a French drain installed, but moisture issues relating to cracking and the concrete seal at the wall joints can be fixed with a professional epoxy basement floor coating. The high quality epoxy and polyaspartic products we use are designed to stop water from penetrating through the floor and reduce the chances of harmful mold or moisture damage.

After sealing basement floor cracks and applying epoxy, your basement has the potential to be more than just storage space. Basements can serve a wide range of purposes, such as…

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