Do You Need to Delay Your Epoxy for Warmer Weather?

Temperature does matter when it comes to epoxy flooring, but that doesn’t always mean you have to delay your flooring installation for warmer weather. Here’s what to consider when you want your new epoxy floor but it’s cold or wet outdoors.

Location for the new epoxy floor

While installation does depend on temperature, it’s more important to consider the location where you plan to have your epoxy floor installed. For example, basement floors are much warmer in the winter than a garage floor will be, and a garage may be much warmer than an outdoor shed. 

Original floor surface

The temperature requirements for installation can depend on what type of surface you are covering. For example, concrete subfloors need to be around 60 degrees Fahrenheit for the epoxy to cure properly. Many Do It Yourself installations fail at installing an epoxy floor because the temperature of the floor wasn’t warm enough, preventing the epoxy from sealing and bonding to the subfloor properly. 

Product quality

There are lots of different types of epoxy flooring products on the market ranging in quality and installation methods. In colder climates like New Jersey, many of these products are unsuitable despite what the guy at Home Depot told you, and simply won’t cure into the high-quality epoxy floor you’re looking for. Diamond Garage Solutions uses only commercial quality epoxy and bonding agents. It isn’t the cheapest stuff out there, but it is arguably the best. Because we use this product exclusively, we understand climate and temperature effects and would never attempt an installation that would be compromised in this way.  We’d rather lose the business than put down a floor that might be compromised. With this as our guiding principle, you can be sure that you’ll have a floor that is pristine for many years to come.

Get the high-quality epoxy floor you want with professional, year-round installation in NJ

If you’re unsure if you should delay your epoxy floor installation or if the product can handle New Jersey weather conditions, talk to our experts at Diamond Garage to find out when the best time is to get your epoxy floor installed. The inspection and estimate is free, and we can schedule to accommodate your needs.  We’re a local business and all we have to go on is our reputation and the quality of our work.

With the best professional products and an experienced team that goes the extra mile, we can install high-quality residential epoxy floorings in almost all types of weather conditions, across New Jersey. In addition to epoxy floor surfaces, we also offer expert concrete resurfacing and repair of your floor for whatever use you may have. 


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