DIY or Don’t: Why You Don’t Want to Epoxy Your Floor Yourself

It might sound appealing to save the money applying your epoxy floor yourself, but it’s a much more complex process than many homeowners realize – even when you’re experienced at DIY. But with so much that could go wrong and often does go wrong, it’s not worth saving the money. In fact, our team has spent a lot of time helping clients where their DIY epoxy flooring has gone wrong – and it’s a much more intensive process to remove the flooring and deliver the right results than it is to install it right the first time.

Here are some insights on what can go wrong so you don’t make the same errors and get to enjoy the world-class flooring you and your home deserves.

Not repairing damaged flooring

If you have a concrete floor you want to install the epoxy on, that’s a great start. But if that concrete isn’t in perfect condition, you are setting yourself up for problems down the line. Cracked, damaged, subsiding, and uneven subflooring will allow moisture to creep in under the epoxy, causing delamination (separation from the subflooring), mold growth, an uneven result, peeling epoxy, and bubbles. Any issues with the floor should be addressed first, which involves expert surface repair and high-quality products that will stop moisture and resolve structural issues in their tracks. This is essential to making your epoxy floor last a lifetime.

Improper cleaning and preparation 

Cleaning and prepping the floor for the installation is a big undertaking, even if your floor is in good condition. Even the best epoxy won’t bond properly if the floor isn’t spotless of all dirt and dust. When our team works on a project, we know exactly how to make the floor absolutely clean to create the best possible bonding conditions. Your garage or workshop floor will be free of even the finest dust as well as stains, spills, and other issues that can compromise the bonding process.

Incorrect environmental and temperature conditions

Air bubbles are a very common problem in DY epoxy flooring projects, and it’s caused by applying the product at the wrong temperature. This resin-based product is sensitive to environmental temperatures and needs the right conditions to allow it to set quickly and firmly. The temperature of the floor slab can change how quickly you need to apply the coating after mixing, as well as the dry time of the product. If the flooring is too cold, it won’t cure or bond with the floor underneath. In addition, this issue is made worse because not all epoxy flooring products are the same quality that professionals use. 

For example, our team uses a product that is specifically suited to NJ weather conditions, and we understand how to create the right temperatures to ensure our application and dry time are ideal. This means we can even install during winter.


In the right hands, these products are installed so quickly and cleanly that it looks like an easy job – but it isn’t! The epoxy resin is liquid and incredibly adhesive, so it’s much easier to make a mess that’s almost impossible to remove. When the epoxy is installed, it can run onto walls, pool in lower areas, and generally stick to everything and everyone. Our team has all the right tools and experience to make your floor seamless, neat, even, and attractive, etching the floor and adding dyes or additional material to transform it into a highly attractive and functional floor that adds value to your home.

The best epoxy floor contractors in NJ

Now you know why it’s worth it to have a professional install your epoxy floor, it’s time to find the best contractors for the job.


At Diamond Garage Solutions, installing first-grade epoxy floors is what we do. It’s been our area of expertise for 20 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t. And as a local New Jersey business, our success has been built on supporting our community through honest, ethical, and professional services. So, rather than trying out a DIY method and trying to save money only to spend a lot more in a few months’ time, give our team a call instead! 


We are so confident in our methods and products that we offer a life-of-structure warranty on our work against cracking or peeling (delamination) under normal use. 

You can also see our expert services and process for yourself right here on our website