Commercial Epoxy Flooring vs. Do-It-Yourself

Commercial epoxy floors like those at car dealerships, retail centers, and healthcare facilities have a shine and durability that comes from a no-holds-barred application process. This is very different from the result available to people using DIY-type epoxy products. A perfect middle ground, however, is a company like Diamond Garage Solutions who use industrial-grade products designed to be more economical for commercial business owners. In this article, we’ll highlight the key reasons why you should trust a professional epoxy floor installation team when it comes to flooring for your business.

Creating a professional image for your clients and customers 

DIY is great for small home projects, especially if you have some experience. But it really has no place in business. When you want your clients and customers to see you’re professional – you need to talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Not only that, but epoxy flooring is not easy to install. First of all, the concrete subfloor needs to be in pristine condition. Which means it needs to be repaired to fix all cracks and moisture issues first. Then, it must be thoroughly cleaned to remove every particle of dust and debris. Without these crucial first steps, your epoxy may bubble, sit unevenly, or develop peeling problems.

Epoxy is also an incredibly sticky and messy product. You need to wear protective gear and have the right equipment to install it. Without this, you are likely to get an uneven, and less-than attractive result. Professional installers can do the job quickly, and deliver neat and flawless results.

Finally, off-the-shelf epoxy flooring products are not as good as professional products in terms of quality. Without a high-quality epoxy, you’re not going to get the gleaming appearance, longevity and durability that commercial floors need. When professionally installed, these floors deliver all the benefits epoxy offers, from easy cleaning and minimal maintenance to scratch and impact resistance, chemical resistance, and crack/bubbling resistance.

Professional epoxy floors also enhance your brand image and add custom flair. Not only do they look exceptional in commercial spaces, but they can also be customized to your exact preference. They can be a solid color to reflect your brand colors, enhanced with decorative quartz, stone, or glitter flakes, or you can skip the decorative floor flakes altogether and go for a matte, metallic, or glossy finish. For DIY alternatives, the options are very limited in comparison.

Professional epoxy floor installation in NJ – Get the best for your business

At Diamond Garage Solutions, we specialize in high-quality epoxy flooring for homes, businesses and facilities in every sector. From warehouse floors and retail centers to healthcare facilities and car dealerships, our talented and experienced team can do it all – on time, on budget, all while delivering the best quality results. 

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