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High Performance Epoxy and Polished Concrete

Commercial Epoxy and Polished Concrete Flooring
in New York & New Jersey

Industrial-grade high performance epoxy floor coatings and polished concrete that will withstand the wear and tear of most commercial environments.

Industrial, retail, warehouse, office, fire & EMS facilities use Diamond for our experience, knowledge, and our meticulous process that guarantees a professional finish with long-lasting benefits. With a concrete commercial flooring project, there is simply no room for shortcuts. Your concrete floor is an investment that will not only look great, but will provide the long-term durability you need to run your business for years to come. 

High Performance Epoxy and Resinous Floor Coatings

The choice of materials, processes and colors available for commercial epoxy flooring is almost endless.
Some of
your options include:

Commercial Epoxy Flooring with a Sand Broadcast

Commercial Flake Epoxy Flooring

Flake, Quartz, and Broadcast Epoxy Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is fast becoming the ultimate environmentally friendly low maintenance flooring option. These surfaces never need waxes or coatings, and a variety of stain colors complement any environment. Factor in the superior durability and performance of concrete, and it’s no wonder why more locations are opting for polished concrete flooring. 

Benefits of polished concrete include: 

Polishing concrete floors requires a great deal of expertise and the use of specialized grinding equipment. Since each job will present different conditions and challenges, and every concrete floor is unique.
e also offer Microtoppings, Polishable self-leveler, and a grind and seal.

Polished Concrete Commercial Flooring

Polished Concrete Commercial Flooring

Polished Concrete Commercial Flooring

Surface Preparation, Repairs & Self-Leveling

Surface preparation is the removal of existing coatings or flooring systems and the preparation and repair of the underlying concrete surface or substrate. Once the prep work is complete, the new flooring system or coating can be installed. Flooring and coating product manufacturers will tell you that the success of ANY new flooring system is dependent on how the existing surface was prepared. If the surface prep is not done correctly, the new flooring system will not be as durable and could possibly fail. It’s a waste of both time and money to have a new flooring system fail. 

Our meticulous preparation process includes: 

Commercial Self Leveling and Repairs

Surface Prep

  • Tile Removal
  • Carpet and Adhesive Removal
  • Coating and Sealant Removal

Surface Prep and Repairs

Diamond Grinding
Crack and Damage Repair

Call Diamond Epoxy & Polished Concrete today at: 201-633-1700 to get started on your commercial flooring project. We are happy to work with property owners, general contractors, business owners and management companies throughout New Jersey and New York.

Benefits of Commercial Epoxy
and Polished Concrete Floors

Fast Process and Job Completion

Our process allows you to return to business faster! Meticulous surface preparation and repair are followed by either our industrial-grade, high performance epoxy or our mechanically polished concrete floor.

Meticulous Surface Substrate Preparation

The key to a long-lasting concrete floor is proper substrate preparation. To achieve this, our preparation process is thorough and complete. We will prepare the concrete by:
• Diamond grinding or shot blasting
• Tile and carpet removal
• Filling and patching cracks and holes
• Adhesive, mastic or glue removal
• Installing a moisture barrier
• Self-leveling

Durability and Low Maintenance

Epoxy concrete floors must withstand many hazards, from rolling heavy items and vehicular traffic, to contact with a wide range of chemicals. Ideal for demanding environments, our epoxy flooring products are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and long-lasting.
Polished concrete floors
offer beauty, style, and protection simultaneously, with various levels of gloss and stain colors available to complement any location or environment.

Enhance the Value of your Business and Property


Making improvements to your business or property will increase its value. The concrete flooring improvements that we create will benefit you in many ways:

• Turn unusable space into useful space 

• Update outdated floors and areas 

• Enhance the appearance of your space 

• Make floors easy to clean and keep sanitary 

• Protect concrete substrate from damage 

•Repair uneven or hazardous floor areas to enhance safety 

Some of Our Commercial Projects

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