Concrete floor preparation

Cleaning 101: Concrete Floor Preparation After Grinding

We continue to stand by the following statement: to have a long-lasting epoxy floor, the concrete must be properly prepared. Having a pristine and level concrete surface to apply the epoxy is key to the success of the project. With that said, grinding the concrete is a great way to remove any imperfections that may exist in the floor. Once this concrete grinding process is done, the floor then needs to be cleaned – which requires much more than a broom and dustpan!

Cleaning tips after grinding a concrete floor

Don’t use your home’s vacuum – It’s tempting to grab your vacuum and start cleaning your floor after you’ve ground away imperfections, but this machine is just not up to the task. Not only will it not be powerful enough to remove that very fine concrete dust that sticks to everything, but it can also easily damage your machine. You’ll need an industrial vacuum to get the job done, as this will have a high-quality HEPA air filter that can trap this dust easily without damaging the mechanism. These can be rented quite easily and work similarly to household vacuums. 

Check the air flow rate before you hire – Industrial vacuums come in all shapes and sizes, and the most important consideration is the air flow rate. The higher the air flow rate, the more easily it will handle fine concrete dust. The team at the hiring facility should be able to point you in the right direction, but it’s also worth doing some research yourself before you choose a machine.

Protect your health – Concrete dust gets in the air and is potentially harmful to your health, so take appropriate protective measures. We recommend wearing a K-95 mask to block the fine dust from your nose, mouth, and lungs, and even wearing goggles to protect your eyes while you work.

Take your time – Concrete dust is very frustrating to clean up, so be prepared to take your time and vacuum, re-vacuum, and vacuum again. You’ll be amazed by how much dust a little grinding can create! Once you’ve vacuumed once or twice, take a break for an hour or two. This will allow the dust in the air to settle, so you can vacuum again.

Keep your mind on the goal – Cleaning up is definitely not the most exciting part of finishing your concrete floor, but it is one of the most important. The cleaner your concrete floor is, the easier it will be to repair, and the more attractive and high-quality the finished product will be. This is especially true if you are sealing your concrete floor with epoxy, as the epoxy mixture will pick up any dust and debris on the floor and incorporate it into the thick surface layer of the product. The cleaner your floor, the cleaner your finish will be!


Expert concrete floor preparation and repair services in NJ

If you’re in any doubt about cleaning, repairing, or preparing your concrete floor to seal it or coat it with epoxy, it’s worth chatting to experienced professionals from a well-known local business for some assistance.

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