Caring for Your Epoxy Floor is Easier Than You Think

Wondering how to take care of your epoxy floor? Well, one of the great things about these highly durable, stain and water-resistant floors is that they are easy to maintain! Here’s a quick guide to cleaning and caring for your epoxy floor so that it stays in pristine condition for decades. 

  • Sweep on a regular basis – Dust, dirt, grit, and small stones should be swept off your floor whenever they are tracked in. While the floor is very durable, heavy equipment and vehicles can grind debris into the floor, causing it to become embedded or scratch the surface. Over years, this can start to damage the floor. While this won’t happen as easily if you’re driving a car into your garage, if you are moving heavy machinery over the floor it will happen much faster, and we recommend taking the time to sweep or vacuum first.

  • Mop with warm water only – If a spill occurs, spot clean the floor first by either vacuuming up the spill or dirt, or using an old, clean rag. Then, all you need is a mop or deck scrubbing brush with some warm water to clean the surface. These floors are highly water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the floor becoming damaged or warped. However, they can be a little slippery when wet, so it’s best to use a damp mop and let the floor dry.

  • Don’t use soap, citrus, or vinegar – Soaps, floor cleaning products, and citrus/vinegar solutions leave a residue on epoxy floors, making them look hazy over time. If you have a spill that is difficult to remove, spot clean using a diluted dishwashing liquid and be sure to rinse the area thoroughly with clean water. For larger spills, it’s safe to clean the floor with a mix of ammonia and warm water (not hot). 

  • Oil, gas, paint, and chemical spills – First, wipe up any oil or chemical spills as soon as they are noticed with a towel. As tough as epoxy floors are, some of these chemicals can still cause a stain or damage to the floor if they sit on the surface for too long. Once the area is thoroughly wiped clean, clean with a mop and warm water or scrub with a deck scrubbing brush.

  • Keep doors and windows open – When cleaning your epoxy floor, always ensure that there’s good ventilation through the space. This will remove any hazardous fumes from the spill or the ammonia you are using to clean the floor and will help the floor dry quickly.


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