Can Epoxy Floors be Laid Outside? You Bet!

As the summer sun shines bright, now is a better time than ever to embark on some outdoor projects that you might have been putting on hold. Don’t you want to refinish your outdoor patio before summer’s over, so you actually have time to sit down and enjoy it with the family? If you have a patio, pool deck or another concrete space outside that you’d like to transform before fall comes rolling around, consider installing epoxy flooring as a solution. Outdoor epoxy floor installations can offer you many advantages, especially during the warm summer months. In this blog, our team of epoxy flooring contractors in NJ will take a more detailed look at the benefits of an outdoor, summer installation: 

Optimal Curing Conditions. Did you know that warmer temperatures are ideal for curing epoxy? This type of floor coating requires a specific temperature range to cure effectively, typically between 60°F and 90°F. In the summer, these conditions are more easily met (as long as we’re not suffering from a major heat wave).  Ensuring that the epoxy cures properly, will allow a seamless adhesion to the concrete surface – which means an epoxy floor that will last. 

Improved Ventilation. Unlike the confined spaces often found indoors, outdoor areas allow for better air circulation – which also aids in the epoxy curing process. Enhanced airflow helps the epoxy coating cure more uniformly, reducing the chances of air bubbles and other visible imperfections. The warm air also accelerates the evaporation of solvents, giving your new outdoor epoxy floor a smooth, flawless finish.

Faster Installation Timelines. Warmer temperatures in the summer not only contribute to optimal curing conditions, but also speed up the overall installation timeline. The reduced curing time allows for faster completion. Not to mention, more people are away on vacation in the summer so many contractors have more availability in the summer.  Remember, a faster installation means minimal disruption to your outdoor activities and a shorter downtime for your space! 

Transforming Outdoor Concrete Spaces. In recent years, there has been a significant trend towards transforming outdoor concrete spaces into beautiful extensions of our living areas. Patios, pool decks, and outdoor entertainment areas are no longer limited to dull gray slabs, but can be transformed with a wide range of epoxy colors, finishes, and design options available. 

Durability and Longevity. Epoxy floors are renowned for their durability and long lifespan, making them the most ideal choice for outdoor weather conditions. The high-strength epoxy coating creates a protective barrier on the concrete surface, safeguarding it from foot traffic, UV rays, chemicals, and the natural elements. With proper maintenance, an epoxy floor can withstand the demands of outdoor use and retain its aesthetic appeal for years to come, ensuring your investment is worthwhile.

Summer epoxy floor installations in New Jersey

Our professionally installed epoxy floors in NJ offer protection from daily wear and tear, like vehicles traveling in and out, oil spills and heavy tools dropping unexpectedly – all of which happen frequently outside. Not only are they industrial-grade durable, our epoxy floor installations can be customized with color, flakes and glitter – allowing you to create a breathtaking outdoor environment that enhances your lifestyle.

Embrace the summer and transform your outdoor space with an epoxy floor installation today! Please give us a call to schedule your free consultation or visit our website at: