Diamond is a Garage’s Best friend…

Why Diamond Garage Solutions for Epoxy Flooring?

What sets us apart as epoxy floor contractors in NJ, NY and CT? Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. We can’t say it enough. Proper preparation is essential for a lasting and beautiful epoxy, polished or coated floor that won’t be easily damaged. That’s why we spend so much time preparing your concrete floor. Cracks and imperfections can cause big problems down the line. We use our thorough diamond epoxy process to grind, fill, patch and level the floor (if necessary), ensuring the correct concrete profile for the new epoxy finish to adhere to perfectly. In fact, we guarantee our Diamond Epoxy Process!

We Make it Easy & Convenient, and Never Cut Corners

In addition to creating a gorgeous and long-lasting concrete floor, we can also help you clear the space, arrange for temporary storage, and put your items back when we’re done. Like our floors, Diamond Garage Solutions is in it for the long haul. Over 20 years of combined experience has taught us not to take shortcuts. Whether it’s residential or commercial, no concrete flooring project is one-size-fits-all, which means our materials and processes won’t be either. We take the time to thoroughly assess your space and make expert recommendations for the best process including: 1-day, 2-day, epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurea, or any other resinous coating available.

High-Quality Products

The Hardest Part? Deciding Which Color to Choose.

With over 100 decorative flake colors and styles to choose from, we believe this choice will be the hardest one you have to make when working with Diamond Garage Solutions. Whichever one you choose, your new floor will look beautiful and last for years to come.

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