5 Tips for Choosing the Right Epoxy Floor Contractor

Choosing the right epoxy floor contractor can make or break your new epoxy floor – how good it looks, how long it lasts, and how level and usable it is. We have a few tips to help you make sure you pick the right contractor for your job.

#1 – Go local

Look for contractors in your area. This is more than just about supporting local businesses. It makes it much easier to get references, to look at past work they’ve completed, and you’ll know that they understand how the local weather and conditions can impact the flooring and installation process. When you use a local contractor, they’re part of your community – and that means greater local knowledge and accountability.

#2 – Get more than one quote

As with any contracting job, it’s essential to get more than one quote for the work you want done. In fact, we recommend that you get about 4! Make sure that the contractors visit you onsite and perform a full evaluation, as you may need additional services like concrete flooring repair or installation before your epoxy floor can be installed. Price is important here, but remember that it’s about value more than cost, so get a full breakdown of the products they’ll be using on your project. A cheap contractor may be very budget-friendly, but an inferior epoxy product or failure to repair underlying issues with the floor will cause much more trouble and repair costs down the line.

#3 – Ask to see current projects

Every epoxy flooring project comes with its own challenges, and you want to make sure that your contractor has the right experience. Try to see a range of their current or recent projects, especially where they are completing a similar job to what you’d like done. Seeing work in progress will give you a good idea of what to expect from your project, how the installation process works, what the finished result is like, and how professional the team is onsite.

#4 – Ask about their experience

A good contractor should have years of experience working on projects like yours, whether it’s installing epoxy flooring in a garage or refurbishing a large commercial warehouse space. Their team should be experienced too, both in the epoxy flooring installation itself as well as making concrete repairs and preparing the floor for the process. Mistakes during installation can be costly to repair, so you want to work with a team that’s a well-oiled machine, where the job can be done quickly and competently.

#5 – Warranties, guarantees, and insurance

Finally, it is always worth it to pay a bit more for your project to work with an insured contractor who offers solid guarantees and warranties on labor, epoxy materials, and products. This is your safety net as well as theirs, so chat about it in detail with each contractor before you sign up with them. 

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