4 Unconventional Ways to Use an Epoxy Floor Surface in Your Home

Epoxy isn’t just meant for garage floors! A professionally installed epoxy floor surface will look great in many different areas of your home, creating a durable and low-maintenance flooring solution that looks stylish and lasts for years to come. Here are some interesting and unusual ways to use epoxy flooring at home beyond the traditional epoxy garage floor.

#1 – Kids play areas

Playtime is such an important part of childhood, helping kids to make friends, learn new skills, and explore the world. But it can be quite hard on your home at the same time! Epoxy is a great flooring option for play areas because it doesn’t scratch, wear, or even dent. Any spills and messes are easily cleaned up with just soap and water too! One of the best things about this flooring is that it’s flexible and softer than most other flooring types, which means that it won’t crack or wear over time, heavy items bounce more softly when dropped, and you’ll have fewer bumps and bruises too because it’s non-abrasive.


#2 – Workshops

If you love DIY then it’s a dream come true to have a proper, dedicated workshop for all your projects, tools, and materials! Epoxy flooring is a great option because it won’t crack and wear even in very cold conditions, it’s stain-resistant and moisture-resistant to repel any spills of paint, varnish, oil, or chemicals, and it’s got a bit of bounce, so you won’t chip the floor or damage your tools if you accidentally drop something. Unlike concrete, epoxy workshop flooring is warmer underfoot, has good traction for stability while you work, and it won’t wear down over the years with heavy traffic.


#3 – Man caves

Man caves are a great addition to any home – a space where guys can just kick back and relax. And if you want your space to be tough enough for the man in your life, you can’t do better than an epoxy floor. It’s waterproof, stain-proof, and crack-resistant, so it’s the ideal floor for restoring or finishing off a basement, and it’s easy to clean if someone spills a beer or a plate of nachos. An epoxy basement floor is very hard-wearing and solid underfoot and won’t dent or get damaged by heavy furniture like couches, pool tables, movie theatre setups, or bars. It’s also easily colored to fit your design, so you can customize it in black, blue, red, grey, or any other color you want to show off in the man cave.


#4 – Crafting, hobby, and art studios

Having a dedicated space for crafting is a must for every creative family, but it must be executed correctly! Along with storage, crafting tables, and equipment, you’ll need a floor that’s up to the task. Epoxy flooring is a great choice because it can be colored to fit your interior design, and is resistant to damage, paints, moisture, and almost everything else. It looks more attractive than concrete for indoor spaces and it has more advantages too because it doesn’t chip, stain, or crack. It’s also warmer and more comfortable underfoot, offers good traction, and is flexible so that dropping a tool won’t damage the floor or your tool.

Custom residential epoxy flooring – Style and functionality that lasts!

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