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    "It's all in the preparation"

    Superior scratch and wear resistance, UV stable and excellent protective qualities. Our residential epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings are easy to maintain, and have great anti-slip traction, making it a perfect choice for your garage.

    We offer industrial grade floor coatings and applications that can withstand the wear and tear of any commercial environment, these coatings offer excellent protective qualities and are easy to maintain.

    Concrete Finishing & Polishing

    A huge part of what we do is professionally repair and ready the substrate for either a floor coating or polishing finish. Even small cracks can cause big problems, so… we will grind, clean, fill, patch and if required level to assure that we have created the best surface for the new finish to adhere to.

    Decorative flake system floors

    Available in over 100 colors and styles.

    It's all in the preparation

    Repairing and sealing concrete floors.

    Why Should I Resurface My Garage Floor?

    Our Concrete Floor Coatings Are Gorgeous!

    True…but more importantly they will protect the concrete that over-time will start to degrade and deteriorate, if left unprotected the gray concrete chalk dust will get everywhere.. Even the sturdiest foundations can crack and moisture and insects can find their way in. A properly coated garage or basement floor will give your home protection from increasing damage.

    Get More Organized

    There is no more perfect time to really clean out your garage space than during an epoxy floor installation. For many homeowners after the floor is complete they realize that now they have the opportunity to easily transfer that drab room into:

    Will a Decorative Epoxy Flake Floor increase the value of your home?

    The answer is absolutely! Anytime you can improve an area of your home, the value will go up. Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement and yes the Garage. The garage is found space, it already has a foundation floor, the rest is easy.

    Because no two floor projects are identical

    Using both epoxy and polyaspartic products.

    Commercial projects

    Multiple designs, concepts and products.

    Practical, Durable & Decorative

    There are no headaches when you work with Diamond. Think EZ Button!  If you want us to, we’ll even help you with clearing the space, disposing of your junk, arranging for temporary storage, and putting it all back when we’re done. We are experienced, honest, and like our floors, we’re in this for the long haul. We don’t take shortcuts or use inferior one-size-fits-all products, and our materials and our processes are the best that over 25 years of combined flooring experience has taught us. Our pricing is competitive and a floor installed by our team is warranted against material or installation defects for as long as you own your home. The hardest decision you will have to make is what color to go with!

    Please give us a call, we are knowledgeable and love talking about garages.

    Because Diamond is a Garage's Best Friend...

    Residential & Commercial Epoxy Floor Projects

    • Commercial Warehouse Project: New Milford, NJ
      This 2500 sq. ft. warehouse project included grinding down the entire floor, along with patch and repair work. We also had to do some self leveling to bring the store room level even with the warehouse. Not to mention, the original building owner was a sign painter – which means the floor had about 50 years of splattered paint stained on it! Epoxy flooring color details include: Gray pigmented epoxy base coat 1/16” Color flakes Domino 411 Clear Top Coat
    • Garage Flooring Project
      Two car garage floor done in Orbit Blue. In this job we had to repair many cracks in the underlying slab, and grinding was done to create an optimal surface bonding profile. A small amount of self-leveling concrete was used to correct the settling of the slab. This epoxy floor was finished with a clear durable topcoat.
    • Commercial Garage: Bronx, NY
      This 1180 sq. ft. commercial garage project included floor grinding, patch and repair work. Entire floor was self leveled with 2-1/4" lift. Flooring details include: Mapei Novoplan 2- self leveler
    • Residential Garage: Wayne, NJ
      This residential 2-car garage project included grinding down the entire floor, along with patch and repair work. After the prep work, we applied a gray pigmented epoxy base coat. Epoxy flooring color details include: 1/4” color flakes Orbit 310 Clear top coat 4” wall cove base molding
    • Garage Floor: Upper Saddle River, NJ
      This residential garage project included light patch and repair work before applying the epoxy floor coating. Epoxy flooring color details include: Stonewash 1/8” color flakes Clear top coat
    • Auto Dealership Service Area: Bergen County, NJ
      This 1500 sq. ft. warehouse project included grinding down the entire floor, along with patch and repair work before applying epoxy coating. Epoxy flooring color details include: Solid pigmented gray epoxy grout coat Clear top coat

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